Welcome to the new history pages on watfordfc.com, written by Hornets supporter Geoff Wicken.

Watford Football Club has existed since the early days of organised football in England. Its beginnings have been traced back to 1881, when a group of teenagers staged kickabouts in Cassiobury Park. Today the club has international exposure from being in the highest-profile league in the world.

On these pages we tell the story of the club’s evolution.

It’s the story of a club which endured many modest years while its supporters dreamed of golden days. There were ups and downs until, in the 1970s and 1980s, those golden days came about. They didn’t last forever, but recent success means Watford are now in the Premier League.

These pages divide the club’s history into nine chapters. You can view them in sequence if you want to read the story in order, or just click on the periods of most interest to you.

1881-1939: The Formative Years

1939-1959: Post-War Struggles

1959-1969: Moving On Up

1969-1977: Back To Square One

1977-1987: Golden Days

1987-1996: Sliding Backwards

1996-2001: Back On The Map

2001-2012: Crises And Surprises

2012 to present: The Pozzo Era